Tiny Bathroom Tragedies and Triumphs

By November 28, 2014 Upgrades

Don’t Let a Tiny Bathroom Cramp your Style!

If we all lived in a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to deal with the hassle of trying to manage our daily ablutions in tiny, cramped bathrooms. But as claustrophobic as some powder rooms may feel, there are tons of creative solutions out there. With a little bit of imagination and ingenuity, you too can maximize your limited bathroom space.

Recently, we’ve been inspired by an uplifting story from ApartmentTherapy.com about a young Manhattanite who conquered her bathroom woes with a simple yet impressive remodel of, well, possibly one of the tiniest toilet rooms we’ve ever seen. Take a look at it here.

Being the bathroom experts we are at Faucet Artist, we were particularly impressed with the floating vanity and the side-mounted sink fixture. How cool is that?