Remodeling Your Kitchen on a Tight Budget

By December 3, 2014 Upgrades

Check Out This Amazing Kitchen Remodel…You Won’t Believe How Cheap It was!

Have you been dreaming of a glamorous kitchen renovation, only to blanch at the high costs of most DIY materials? Does the thought of hiring a contractor make you gasp and clutch your wallet?

It can be hard to get the kitchen of your dreams on a tight budget. But don’t lose hope yet. It can be done. One brave woman has the beautifully remodeled kitchen to prove it. And it only cost her $500!

You can check out her full story here, along with some beautiful before and after photos. But we just wanted to point out a few extra juicy little bits that tickled our particular fancy. For one, we LOVE her new faucet (are you really surprised? Look at the name of our blog!) and the way it compliments so many of the other fixtures and appliances in her kitchen. Our editor was particularly impressed with the VW and Dr. Pepper signs, because she loves nostalgic décor. And, seriously, how cute is that little yellow toaster?