FREUER Faucet Reviews: More from the Drammatico Collection

By December 4, 2014 Uncategorized

FREUER Faucet Reviews: Drammatico Collection – Pull Out Spray Kitchen Sink Faucet in Polished Chrome

Just one more chrome fixture and that’s it, we promise! We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a look at the shiny chrome version of this very popular, pull-out kitchen sink. And neither could these reviewers:

“Five stars. Very nice. I like the way it looks and works.”

“Given the low price, you’re actually getting a lot from this faucet. The hose is actually much longer than what we needed, and retracts and extends very smoothly. We don’t have to turn the water up to full blast because the pressure is just fine, so I guess maybe we’re saving water too? Either way you’re getting a higher level of quality from this faucet than you would be from similarly priced units.”

“It’s a nice faucet and we’re pretty happy with it. Easy install, looks like we expected it to.”

“My contractor was skeptical at first. He didn’t seem to think that installing a “cheap” sink would be worth his time. But once we put it in and started using it, he changed his tune and admitted he was wrong. Plus, the sink looks and works great. Double win.”

“I like the 180 degree turn and the way the side temp control handle controls the water temp. Great price too”

“This is everything I was hoping for when I saw it online. I have a bit of a thing for chrome and this looks soo good in my sink I couldn’t be happier. I also like the 1-click switch from stream to spray right there on the faucet head. Very convenient.”

“We installed this about a year ago and other than the wear and tear you’d expect from a year-old faucet its still going strong. Would recommend”

If you think a chrome pull-out spray faucet might be just the thing your kitchen needs, feel free to check out their Amazon marketplace page.