FREUER Faucet Reviews: Magia Collection

By November 27, 2014 Uncategorized

FREUER Faucet Reviews: Magia Collection – Automatic Touchless Sensor Faucet in Polished Chrome

Chrome finish and an automatic touchless sensor? Sounds futuristic! But whether you’re a Sci-Fi junkie or just looking for a modern looking bathroom fixture that helps you avoid germs, these customers have a thing or two to say about this particular faucet:

“I wanted an automatic sensor faucet because I use well water and it’s nice to be able to conserve what I have. There’s also less splashing all over my countertops from people with wet hands turning handles on/off, which makes it easy to keep my bathroom clean. Looks beautiful on granite, BTW”

“Shipped quickly, and I got exactly what I was expecting from the product description. Shipping was pretty quick too”

“This is working really great so far. I’ve bought two sets so far (the faucet plus the temperature mixing valve) and I plan on buying more in the future. The price is amazing and my water bill has noticibly gone down”

“Was having flooding problems with my sink not anymore though. This faucet solved that problem and it was pretty cheap too in price but not quality”

“We’ve already bought and installed three that work GREAT and want more!!!”

“This works really nice and trust me, you’ll never have a problem with the sensor not picking you up. If anything, it might be a little too reactive at times, but I can tell that we’re still saving water so I’m okay with it”

“We got a couple of these for our small business office and they’re doing great in our employee bathrooms. We’re satisfied, and we’d be happy to recommend these to anyone who is interested.”

To put a classy-looking touchless faucet like this one in your home, you can check out their Amazon page.