FREUER Faucet Reviews: Grazioso Collection

By December 11, 2014 Uncategorized

FREUER Faucet Reviews: Grazioso Collection – Vessel Bathroom Sink Faucet in Brushed Nickel

Vessel faucets are a fairly recent decorating trend, but they don’t get nearly as much attention as they deserve. These lovely people clearly feel the same:

“So far, this faucet is working great for us. But just be aware that this thing is nearly 10 inches high, so it’s probably best if you have a vessel sink or something similar (or if you just like long water streams haha). I could also see this looking good in a wet bar if you have one.”

“We were remodeling two of our bathrooms, so we bought a faucet for each one. For the low price, we were honestly expecting less quality – but we got more than we bargained for. It got delivered pretty quickly, too. If you want my rating: 5 stars.”

“Solidly built. Absolutely no problems working so far. And the brushed nickel has a nice, elegant look to it w/o looking too over the top.”

“Writing this review for my husband – he said there were no problems with the install and no leaks or other problems so far either. I think it looks really pretty too.”

“I’ve had two of them for almost a year and recently bought a third one because I liked the first two so much. Everything is working just fine and I’m really happy I bought these. I and definitely a happy customer!”

“My local supply store didn’t have what I needed, so I had to go online. I was scared I was going to end up buying junk, but this pleasantly surprised me. No regrets. I’d recommend this faucet to anyone.”

“I know this might sound weird, but I think this is the sexiest faucet I’ve ever owned. I’d give it 6 stars if that was an option.”

Well, there you have it! Satisfied vessel faucet customers. To join this exclusive club, check out these faucet vessels on Amazon.