Creative Inspiration for Your Kitchen Sink

By December 10, 2014 Uncategorized

Creative and Unusual Sinks (that We Wish We Had)

Wide, shallow basins with elegant fixtures? Antique vessels contrasted with modern plumbing? Unique, asymmetrical skink shapes with linear drains? We can’t get enough.

We were in awe of some of these designs, so we thought we’d share them with you. Once again, the credit for this great find comes from Apartment Therapy, although we’re not entirely sure any of these sinks can be found in a rental – at least, not any that we’ve ever had the option to rent. Possibly because such dwellings would be far outside the realms of our meager budgets?

The gallery features a slew of integrated sinks, repurposed antiques, and modern wonders of architectural marvel. Despite our quiet envy, we thought we’d put these pictures out there for the world to see. Here’s to more creativity in our kitchen fixtures!